Unblinding Personality Bias & Unconscious Bullying

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Discover the hidden forces that shape our perceptions, beliefs, and interactions. Uncover the complexities of personality bias and its profound impact on our lives. Whether you have been bullied or you have been bullied, overcoming it, healing, and finding purpose is a superpower. The superpower that can turn torment into triumph.

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“Unblinding Biases is a heartfelt journey that speaks to the pain of unconscious bias and bullying in the workplace cause. Through the tumultuous story of Jackie and Jill, Bella Verita challenges the reader to look deeply within to assess how they interact with others. Unblinding Biases can heal those that have experienced workplace bullying and spark change in those who bully. What if we had a round map to tell us how to create healthier, safer work environments? Bella Vertia has given us that gift..”

- Tanya L. Freeman, Esq.
Chair, Board of Directors University Hospital

Bella Verita is a world-renowned speaker, philanthropist, show host, impact leader, and sales expert with over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship and human acceleration. Known for her charisma, wit, and wisdom in accelerating the superpower in human dynamics.

Overcoming the limitations of severe dyslexia throughout school, graduating with a 1.7 GPA Bella went on to become Las Vegas' #1 Business Broker in a male-dominated business brokerage industry. She was the first woman and youngest person ever to accomplish this.

In over 750 episodes and over 3 million views, as the co-host of The Heart of Influence, Bella has spoken in front of some of the most influential people in entertainment, medical, financial, accounting, and legal services.

Workplace bullying and personality Bias is estimated to cost companies millions of dollars each year

This includes increased absenteeism, reduced productivity, and higher healthcare expenses due to stress-related illnesses. It can also decrease employee morale, leading to lower job satisfaction and greater turnover rates.

Unblinding Personality Bias & Unconscious Bullying

From Torment to Triumph of
Workplace Bias & Bullying

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It is important for someone to unblind their biases because biases can influence our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors in ways that we may not be aware of

Biases can lead us to make unfair judgments, treat people unfairly, and make decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete information.